Since the dawn of time, we have been fascinated by celebrity couples. George and Gracie. Sonny and Cher. Charles and Diana. Brad and Juliette. Brad and Gwyneth. Brad and Jennifer. We've wished we could know, and have loved, them all. But head and shoulders above these other twosomes stands a one-of-a-kind duo, a seemingly mismatched pair that has beat the odds for more than a quarter of a century, withstanding not only relentless media scrutiny, but also the pressures of his-and-hers showbiz careers that have put them in different parts of the world with startling regularity. How have they managed to succeed where so many of their contemporaries have failed? Here, at last, in an exclusive interview with TV Guide Online, we get the scoop straight from the sweethearts themselves — Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy.
TV Guide Online: Since your days as Muppet Show castmates, you've done loads of projects together. What kind of coping mechanisms have you developed to deal with the strain that so much collaboration must put on your relationship?
Miss Piggy:
Au contraire! There is no "strain" in our relationship. Kermie and moi simply adore being together whether we are working on a project or not.
Kermit the Frog: Come to think of it, Piggy, a little personal space might be nice.
Piggy: Ha ha! He jests!

TVGO: Surely.Kermit: No, I mean it. Some time apart could be a good thing for both of us.Piggy: Nice going, TV Guide! See what vous started? I'll tell you our coping mechanism: Avoid nosy journalists!

TVGO: (Nervously) Um, yes — capital idea, that. Moving on... Many a performer seems reluctant to work with his or her significant other, yet time and time again, you do exactly that. Don't you ever feel a yen to test your chemistry with a new co-star... say, a Tom Cruise or a Julia Roberts?
Mmm... Julia Roberts!Piggy: What is that supposed to mean?Kermit: Oh, nothing. I just admire her, uh... body of work.Piggy: (Perturbed) Oh, I see — her body of work?Kermit: (Gulps) I think it's safe to say we have no yen to work with another co-star.Piggy: Are you kidding? If Tom Cruise wants to do a love scene, moi is all over him.Kermit: Sheesh.

TVGO: All rightee. In your first-ever TV movie, NBC's It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie (premiering Friday at 8 pm/ET), your colleagues include everyone from John Cusack to Kelly Ripa. Do either of you get jealous when the other has a big scene with someone else?
We don't get jealous.Piggy: Yes, Kermie and I always trust each other.Kermit: Piggy didn't even mind it when Kelly gave me that kiss.Piggy: She what?!Kermit: It was just a little kiss on the cheek.Piggy: (Fuming) Regis, if you're out there, start looking for a new co-host.

TVGO: You read it here first, folks. Now then, you both have such busy schedules, what with all of your additional solo projects — Kermit's recent tell-all videography, for instance, and Piggy's lucrative endorsements. How do you keep the magic alive when you're slaving away at opposite ends of the globe?
We manage.Piggy: It is terribly difficult to be away from moi's frog. We talk every day.Kermit: She calls about every 15 minutes.Piggy: I simply adore auto-redial!

TVGO: Professional rivalries seem to plague so many La La Land lovebirds that I have to ask: Piggy, when Kermit was awarded his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame earlier this month, was it hard for you to stand by your frog? Wasn't there a tiny part of you that was thinking, "It should have been me!"?
Of course not. Moi was filled with joy when my Kermie received such a marvelous honor. I do not covet a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the least.Kermit: Nope. She's holding out for a shrine.

TVGO: Kermit, why do you think that the industry has been so slow to recognize Piggy's contributions? Could it be that her peers are envious of her glamorous wardrobe and versatility as a performer?
I think it's because she's a pig.Piggy: Species profiling. It's Hollywood's terrible, dark secret.

TVGO: Tell the truth now, guys: Have you ever replayed any scenes from your features in real life — like, for instance, your swoon-inducing bike ride in The Muppets Take Manhattan? Or maybe your kicky Moulin Rouge number from It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie?
We frequently do scenes from our own movies as well as scenes from other great motion pictures. Kermie, remember when we reenacted the classic scene from Gone With the Wind where Rhett carries Scarlett up the stairs?Kermit: How can I forget? I was in traction for a week.Piggy: Sometimes true love hurts.

TVGO: Ain't it the truth. Do you have any romantic plans for the holidays?
Spending a little quiet time at home together.Kermit: (Hesitantly) With Fozzie, Gonzo, Pepe, Animal and all our friends.Piggy: Why do you always invite those weirdos?Kermit: They live with us.Piggy: Oh. Right.

TVGO: Any New Year's resolutions?
Get rid of the weirdos before next Christmas.

TVGO: Ha ha! Surely, she jests. On second thought... Um, anything special you'd like to receive this year as a Christmas gift?
The gift of love.Kermit: Is that on the wish list you gave me?Piggy: Yes. It comes right after "limousine" and just before "luxurious home."Kermit: Oh. I've only gotten as far as "D." I never knew there were so many different kinds of diamonds.Piggy: Wait'll you get to "shoes."

TVGO: I don't think she's kidding anymore. Switching gears, Kermit, if you could change one thing about Miss Piggy, what would it be?
Sitting here looking at Miss Piggy, who is sitting here looking at me, I can honestly say that at this very moment, I can't think of a thing I would change about her.Piggy: Kermie is so wise.

TVGO: Your turn, Piggy — if you could change one thing about Kermit, what would it be?
Change something about my Kermie?! Never! He is ideal just the way he is... though it would be nice if he took me out more often, gave bigger presents, bought flowers, took me shopping...Kermit: Anything else?Piggy: I'll send you a list.

TVGO: In closing, would you like to offer up any holiday wishes for L.A.'s less fortunate famous folks? Perhaps some advice for rich and beautiful romantics who haven't quite gotten their love lives in order?
Stay away from moi's frog.Kermit: Piggy, that's not a very nice holiday wish.Piggy: Oh, all right. Love yourself first, then find someone who loves you as much as you love you.Kermit: Much better.Piggy: But you still better stay away from moi's frog.