Alison Sweeney and Ali Landry Alison Sweeney and Ali Landry

Please join Hollywood Girls Night for an evening of gossip, grub and girly cocktails. RSVP appreciated.

Friends Ali Landry and Alison Sweeney, aka The Alis, wanted more quality time with their busy Hollywood gal pals who juggled their careers with motherhood. Thus, a series of themed dinner parties was born, which evolved into TV Guide Network's five-part series, Hollywood Girls Night, premiering Sunday at 9/8c.

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"I love to host parties. I'm a Virgo, I'm a good planner. So I was always in charge of scheduling," Sweeney tells "It became such a fun release for all of us. We've always had this idea of working together, and Landry is this great at-home creative person, and I like to cook. This all just came together."

Upcoming dinner guests include Real Housewives' Kyle Richards, The Girls Next Door's Kendra Wilkinson, Dancing with the Stars' Cheryl Burke, Daisy Fuentes and the Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger. And most topics of conversation are fair game, whether it's secret celebrity crushes or sex.

"I feel I don't live my life in secret," Sweeney says about the decision to televise the get-togethers. "I don't really have dirty laundry. And our show is really positive. It's not about embarrassing people or making people look bad. We want it to be funny and gossipy and interesting and fun and maybe sassy."

Landry adds, "When we were doing the original, non-televised parties, we would take to Twitter and Facebook and ask the followers, 'OK, I'm in charge of an app today for the dinner party, do you have any ideas?' And everyone gave their responses. We even had a few people say, with the day and age of Twitter and Facebook and texting, that you never really sit down with you girlfriends face-to-face anymore. So we sort of inspired them, the fans, to start this tradition with their friends."

To get in the mood for sharing secrets, here's 7 confessions from The Alis:

1. Worst kitchen disaster. "It was at Sweeney's house on our first episode caught on tape, where I was trying to do gumbo," says Landry. "I'm from Louisiana, so it's no joke. It was so hot and I was pregnant. It was like 15 degrees hotter in there. I was stirring this pot, and the recipe got too close to the stove, it lit on fire, she's dying laughing. I stepped on her blind dog because I couldn't see over the belly and then I peed on myself because of course I had the bladder issues, being pregnant. Major disaster."

2. Most sex-obsessed. "Kendra is the most upfront about it," Sweeney admits, "but Landry and I are a little bit more conservative on that discussion. So I was very much like, jaw-dropped. I couldn't believe we were talking about it. Never mind that it was on TV. I'm willing to go there about certain subjects, but there are certain ones I feel self-conscious about. I'm shocked easily, I think."

3. Biggest fashion indulgence. "I have way more shoes than I would've thought one person would need," says Sweeney. "My husband points it out to me. He's like, "You need to wear them. If I don't see scores at the bottom of your shoes, I'm selling them on eBay." I was like, 'Hold on! I'll wear it.'"

4. Hungriest on set. "That's me," says Landry. "I really look forward to this all day long, these meals. I load my plate and I even ask, 'Can I go back and get seconds? Make sure it's hot.' So I'm just sitting and everyone else is taking just one or two bites because they're ready to talk, and I'm like cutting, eating. No problem."

5. Most annoying habit. "I sound like a Valley girl," Sweeney confesses. "I say 'like' a lot, and it annoys me because people point it out to me. It is ridiculous. It is embarrassing. I am a 35-year-old woman; I should not say 'like' as often as I do. But it keeps you young."

6. Most TV-obsessed. "I'm almost embarrassed to tell you. I TiVo every reality show there is," says Landry. "It's killing my husband because those shows are taking the place of the shows we actually watch together like 60 Minutes, 20/20. MSNBC's Lockup? I totally watch that."

7. Guiltiest food indulgence.

Landry: "I'm from Louisiana and we all do snoballs, not snowcones, so the ice is definitely finer. It's like powdered snow. We do a condensed milk on top of it. So I found a place in Inglewood, New Orleans Snoballs, that has my favorite flavor, which is ice cream and then I get extra cream on top. Sometimes I have seriously driven from my house in Los Feliz all the way to Inglewood on one of those days. It's good that it is where it is or I'd go more often."

Sweeney: "There used to be a restaurant in Studio City called Killer Shrimp, and now there is one in Marina del Rey. I love Killer Shrimp. It was the best thing that ever happened to my body, but the weird thing about it is it's actually borderline painful to eat. It's uncomfortable and you're sweating, and you cannot stop eating it. So I've tried to make it a few times and I must say I do a pretty damn good version of it. Obviously it's ridiculously bad for you, but I don't make it that often."

Hollywood Girls Night premieres on Sunday at 9/8c on TV Guide Network.

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