It's no secret that bloopers from old school Warner Bros. shows are few and far between, and in the case of Charmed, they're especially hard to come by.

Twitter is a golden place where dreams come true though, and Holly Marie Combs stumbled upon a treasure trove of old flubs and funnies from the early seasons of Charmed that have us giggling like idiots. "Always the b storyline never the bride... wait .... #waybackwednesday," Combs wrote, retweeting a particularly snarky blooper of hers. "Also whoever it is leaking these outtakes is a G. End story."

These amazing outtakes have been popping up on Twitter the last couple of days, and a couple have Alyssa Milano struggling to find her words (to be fair, she was given some tongue-twisters on that show), while others capture hilarious behind-the-scenes magical moments. One's even a couple of baby Wyatt and the cast's adveutres in baby-wragling. LOL.

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Check out these hilarious throwbacks below!

Charmed is currently streaming on Netflix.