How I Met Your Mother How I Met Your Mother

Whoa. Did not see that coming!

Last night, How I Met Your Mother served up a Thanksgiving episode that was juicy for sure, but way more about the sides than the main course. Typical, right?

Centered on Lily and Marshall's decision to move to Long Island, the outing's biggest laughs actually came from the subplot about Barney and Ted's plan to cut women out of the equation and raise an adopted kid as "bro-parents." While the guys admitted it was a crazy idea, Ted did make some sense when he complained that he's waited a long time to meet someone to start a family with and "keeps not meeting them." (We feel your pain, bud. Step it up!) Plus the goofiness of the gag also gave out-and-proud father of twins Neil Patrick Harris the chance to have some cheeky fun at the expense of straight dudes who worry about being perceived as gay if they're seen with babies and another guy. Well played, sir. And so true.

But it was the minor bits featuring Robin's escalating discomfort with her friends' possible relocation that blossomed into a deliciously unexpected twist. All along, it seemed like she was bent because Lily and Marshall are more city folk than suburbanites. Since she's typically bossy and judgmental, we just assumed it was Robin being Robin. So imagine our surprise when she finally came clean with Barney — after locking herself in one of the Eriksens' future home's three bathrooms — that her reason for wanting them to stay in New York was because she's pregnant. Um... what?!

Guess Ted isn't the only one who has some 'splaining to do to his future children. But who will be the daddy in Robin's inevitable "How I Met You Father" speech? Boring Kevin or the clearly ready-for-a-family Barney? After all, they did share more than just a cab ride a few weeks ago. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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