Well, for all the Hills fans out there, let's take a moment of silence to bid farewell to the well-adjusted L.C. that we once knew. As you may have already heard, Lauren's got a naughty side! Hollywood is buzzing with reports of her alleged sex tape with ex-boyfriend Jason Wahler, who apparently gave the tape to Lauren after much pleading but kept a copy for himself to shop around. Brilliant. Did we learn nothing from Paris Hilton?

I may have my issues with The Hills and its portrayal of these young L.A. starlets, but I felt a pang as I read about L.C.'s little recording session and I can only hope that maybe it's not true at all. Possible? Now, if this were Spencer and Heidi, I might think differently.

And totally unrelated to inappropriate bedroom behavior, I'm glad I wasn't at the Juno Awards after seeing this. I'm pretty sure real birds would be scared of that.