"Have you ever cooked dinner before?"
"Do you have the equipment to cook with? What are they called... oh, pots and pans?"
"No, I have to go buy those."

Oh boy. If only What About Brian were still on, I may not have tuned in to the season finale of MTV's The Hills. Curious to see how Lauren Conrad - the original star of Laguna Beach - and her friends would dramatically say goodbye, I watched the last half hour of a show I still don't quite understand. I tried to catch up on the goings-on of this group during a Hills cram session last week, so I could prepare to meet the girls today as they rehearsed for tonight's live finale at MTV's TRL studios in New York, but due to an unexpected head cold, I didn't make it. (A coincidence, or was someone saving me from coming face-to-face with stars who I'm not convinced should be famous?)

I guess The Hills is just one of those guilty pleasures for some people, much like The Real World or The Bachelor. (Did anyone catch tonight's premiere - were those women really baking him a cake during the meet-and-greet?) But as I watch these sunkissed Hollywood partyers live it up in fancy condos, work at prestigious offices and cruise in sweet rides, I don't feel like I'm indulging in mindless TV but rather feel like I'm watching the downfall of TV (although I'm pretty sure that started with VH1's Flavor of Love).

So, when I eventually do talk with Lauren and her friends, I'm curious to hear why they really did this show and if it was worth all the fights, tears and backstabbing.

I'd also like to know what the big freakin' deal is over Brody Jenner.