Tom Cruise, Spencer and Heidi, Yvonne Strahovski Tom Cruise, Spencer and Heidi, Yvonne Strahovski

It was a week of miracles: Generosity thawed hearts. A killer found love. Tom Cruise went on TV without doing anything weird, and Valkyrie looks pretty good! With good will toward all, we bring you our Top Moments, holiday edition.

10. Best Bloody Wedding: Dexter's third season ended with the day we never thought we'd see, but his nuptials weren't all sappy. The drops of blood that ran from Dexter's cast to Rita's dress hinted at not a just a fabric stain, but a symbolic stain on their relationship. Oh, you fancy writers!

9. Most Crush-Worthy Newcomer: We've seen Ted as a friend, boyfriend, husband-to-be, and now as an overbearing big brother. How I Met Your Mother introduced his sister, played by Erin Cahill, a deft comedic presence who happens to be girl-next-door gorgeous.

8. Most Extreme Attention-Getting Tactic: Leverage knows how to get us lusting for vengeance: Kill a bunch of horses in a suspicious stable fire. We didn't see them engulfed, mercifully, but did have to endure this line: "In a fire, Mr. Ford, horses scream." It all leads to another entertaining insurance con with plenty of — sorry — horse-trading, and we'd like to offer the show a deal of our own: We'll keep watching if you lay off the ponies. See full episodes on our Online Video Guide.

7. Cute-Girl-with-a-Gun Award: Sometimes we forget Chuck's Sarah Walker is a trained CIA agent. She reminded us this week by killing another rogue spy to protect Chuck, then flat-out lying about it with that warm smile we've grown to love. Never have our adoration and fear walked so closely.

6. Best Plan: Tom Cruise reunites with Matt Lauer on Today to acknowledge he "came across arrogant" in their 2005 interview/argument — and explain why he isn't talking about Scientology in interviews for Valkyrie: "When people are tuning in to hear about my movie... that's what I'm here to talk about." Dang, we wanted to hear more about psychiatry. Watch the interview on our Online Video Guide.

5. So Far, So Good Award: David Gregory survives his first week hosting Meet the Press despite having to repeatedly pronounce "Blagojevich." (It's Bluh-GOY-uh-vich.)

4. Biggest Mess: Saturday Night Live's last show of the year featured shaky, quiet vocals from Kanye West, a painful sketch about singing lamps, and an impression of New York's blind governor that drew rebukes from him and many others. We're split on whether it was good or bad, but good for the show for continuing to take risks at the end of a year when everyone was talking about it again.

3. Best Hug-It-Out Moment Not on Entourage: The Big Bang Theory's socially inept and OCD-afflicted Sheldon forgets his hang-ups when frenemy Penny surprises him with the greatest Christmas gift a geek could imagine: a signed, used napkin from Leonard Nimoy. After convulsing, squeaking and buying her five gift baskets he admits aren't enough, he moves in for a long, sweetly awkward hug.

2. International WTF Award: President Bush drops in on Iraq, and, and things go a little wild, as they tend to do there. An angry local journalist hurls his shoes at the commander-in- chief, who demonstrates impressive reflexes by ducking and returning to the line of fire just in time to dodge shoe number two. Bush is quick with the spin too, saying the incident demonstrates Iraqis' newfound freedoms. But the real test is whether his attacker ever sets foot in public again. See the shoe attack at our Online Video Guide.

1. Worst Ad for Patrón: The leaders of the hip-hop industry give many a free shout-out to Patrón tequila, so it should survive the following anti-endorsement from The Hills' Heidi and Spencer, recorded the morning after their supposed wedding in Mexico:

Spencer: "I didn't know if I could actually get you to do it. I think the Patrón helped a little bit."

Heidi: "A lot bit."

Spencer: "You didn't feel too good last night, did you?"

Heidi: "Well, you gave me too much tequila! I am so hung-over. I can't believe we did this."

Of course, there's a chance they didn't — this is the super-fakey Hills.

What were your Top Moments?