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So who did Vince Curatola - aka The Sopranos' New York mob boss Johnny Sack - have to whack to get his cameo in Hillary Clinton's spoof of the series' finale (available in our Online Video Guide)?

Curatola tells TV Guide he was having dinner with his wife when he got a call from Sopranos director Allen Coulter, telling him that Clinton media guy Jimmy Siegel was doing a video the next morning in a diner near the Clintons' Chappaqua, New York, home. "I said it sounds good," Curatola relates, so on Father's Day, he and his wife headed to the Coach Diner in Mount Kisco. "In walks Bill and Hillary, who run right over and say, 'Thank you for coming out on a Sunday morning,'" says Curatola. "They were just a lot of fun - and Hillary was very bubbly."

Turns out the former (and maybe future) First Couple are such Sopranos fans that they were able to quote some of Johnny Sack's more memorable lines. They also had some definite opinions on the series' infamous ending. Says Curatola: "We came to the same conclusion that when it went to black, it was over. Tony Soprano's heart stopped beating."

That's something the other Sopranos agree on. Curatola, who watched the finale with James Gandolfini, Michael Imperioli, Steve Van Zandt and Tony Sirico at the Seminole Hard Rock in Florida, says the gang was "all perplexed for the first couple of hours, and then just felt, 'Tony's gone.' Knowing the rhythm of the scene as actors who had worked on the show so long, we all thought that was a very plausible reason for going right to black." All, that is, except for Tony himself. "Jim just walked out of the room," he recalls, "and he didn't really talk about it."

As for the Clinton video, "I don't know if this'll help her campaign, but I'll tell you something," says the bemused actor, " The Sopranos is all over the world, so normally I get stopped every few feet. The last couple of days since the video came out, it's been like every foot!"

That doesn't mean, though, that Hillary can expect to get his vote come next November - though he did vote for Bill twice. "I lean more toward Republican," says Curatola, adding that he is "very happy" that Rudy Giuliani is running for president. - Reporting by Ileane Rudolph