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The 5 Biggest Takeaways from Hillary Clinton's Today Show Town Hall

Including her thoughts on Kate McKinnon's impression

Liz Raftery

Hillary Clinton participated in a town hall Monday morning that was aired live on the Todayshow, and she answered questions ranging from what her favorite drink is to her thoughts on Republican presidential rival Donald Trump.

The event, which was broadcast from Hollis, N.H., spanned just under an hour and was hosted by Savannah Guthrie. It came less than 36 hours after Clinton's well-received cameo on Saturday Night Live this past weekend.

When asked by Guthrie about her status as a Washington insider, Clinton responded: "Who can be more of an outsider than a woman president?"

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Here are five other takeaways from the town hall:

1. She'd say no to veep: In response to a question about whether she would consider being vice president ("hypothetically speaking"), Clinton was unwavering. "Hypothetically speaking, no," she said.

2. She enjoys a stiff martini. Asked about her drink of choice, Clinton says she enjoys imbibing vodka martinis - "the James Bond way, shaken."

3. She can't wait to debate Donald Trump. One participant asked Clinton if she's prepared for all the insults Donald Trump will undoubtedly hurl her way if they end up being the nominees. "As you may have noticed, I'm kind of used to being insulted," she said. "If he gets the nomination, I look forward to meeting him on the debate stage."

4. She loves Kate McKinnon's Hillary. Asked about her SNL appearance, Clinton noted that Kate McKinnon "plays me better than I play me," and said she'd use their duet "Lean On Me" as the song at her inauguration.

5. She's learned her lesson from the Iraq war vote. Clinton describes her vote in favor of the Iraq War as a misjudgment, but says it's one she's learned from. "I am much more wary and more prepared to say no, because I saw what was done with a vote I gave the president," she said.

Watch a clip from Clinton's town hall below, and see more excerpts here.