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Hillary Clinton Tells Colbert Which Shows She and Bill Binge-Watch

Plus: Would she rather face Trump or Carson?

Liz Raftery

Hillary Clinton stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Tuesday night and discussed her proposed economic policies, her Republican presidential rivals, and ... which shows she and former President Bill Clinton enjoy binge-watching.

The Democratic presidential candidate said she spent her birthday, which was on Monday, doing as little campaign work as she could, and watching some "bad TV" with her husband.

"We have a lot of them," Clinton told Colbert, when he asked which shows they binge on. "We finally finished House of Cards. It took a while."

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Clinton also cited Madam Secretary and The Good Wife as favorites - no surprise there! - and said she was "a little" jealous of Madeleine Albright's recent guest-starring role on the former.

Colbert asked Clinton whether it's "fun" to run for president. "Some days, it really is fun," the former Secretary of State said. "Some days it's just very hard work and you do so many events, you do kind of lose track of where you are. But most days, something happens during the day that makes you feel like, yes, I know why I'm doing this."

But when Colbert wondered whether Clinton would rather face Ben Carson or Donald Trump (the current Republican front-runners) in the general election next November, she demurred. "I'm gonna leave that to the Republicans," she said.

"But you can picture either of those guys in the office, right?" Colbert followed up?

"Well ... I can picture them in some office," Clinton said wryly.

Watch excerpts from Clinton's Late Show appearance here: