Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton went on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday night to dispel rumors disseminated by the Trump campaign about her health by taking a fitness exam Jimmy Kimmel designed for her. She passed with flying colors.

She instructed Kimmel to take her pulse while she broke down the Trump campaign's "wacky strategy" of saying anything that comes to mind and seeing what sticks. They're saying she's unhealthy is just one more piece of evidence that she's unfit to be president.

But if she were unhealthy, would she be able to open a jar of pickles by herself? I think not. I'm a relatively in-shape guy in my 20s and I can't open a jar of pickles without banging the lid on the kitchen counter to loosen it up first. Hillary Clinton is stronger than me.

Hillary Clinton and Jimmy Kimmel, <em>Jimmy Kimmel Live</em>Hillary Clinton and Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Kimmel Live

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