Hilary Duff by Theo Wargo/ WireImage.com Hilary Duff by Theo Wargo/ WireImage.com

Following in such celebrity dad footsteps as Michael Lohan, Hilary Duff's father Bob Duff is speaking out about his troubled marriage and his time in prison.

Duff, who admitted to being unfaithful to his now-ex-wife, Susan, and that raising two girls, Hilary and elder daughter Haylie, 23, in the spotlight contributed to the end of his marriage, is apologetic about his bitter two-and-a-half-year divorce battle and spending time in the big house for contempt of court, he told Inside Edition.

After spending a day in jail, Duff told Inside Edition that Susan was very consumed with the girls' careers. As part of his sentence, Duff was asked to pay $12,500 to Susan to finance Hil's birthday party, and he will also have to pay from improper sale of stocks last month

Does this kind of news surprise any of you anymore? - Erin Fox

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