Tinsley Mortimer Tinsley Mortimer

Tinsley Mortimer, the star and executive producer of CW's High Society, says it's "ridiculous" for one of her co-stars to claim she was manipulated into making offensive comments about African-Americans, gays, Jews and overweight people on the show.

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"For her to say that it was sort of scripted and that she was fed those lines is absolutely untrue," Mortimer said, referring to castmate Jules Kirby. "On your site... you do show a video where it's clear that she's not being manipulated, that she is actually saying this stuff. And it's shocking to me."

Kirby is quoted on the show saying she uses the N-word and believes it's OK, that she only likes white men, and that her friends tend not to be gay, Jewish, or fat. In the exclusive TVGuide.com video mentioned by Mortimer above, Kirby says fat people are "gross to me" and makes several other remarks that offended many viewers.

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Eighty-nine percent of voters in a related TVGuide.com poll said they believe Kirby is a racist, fattist homophobe.

Kirby has declined comment, saying she doesn't believe she is able to do so under the terms of her contract. In a Facebook posting referenced by the New York Post's Page Six, she said the show "is scripted, and we are given lines and characters."

"My grandmother is married to a Jew," she added. "Everything was cut and pasted to make it look like I was a stupid b---h, and I regret that they do not do a better job of saying it is a docu-soap, not a reality show."

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Mortimer denies anything was staged.

"It's unfortunate and it's hard to be lumped into a show with somebody like that," Mortimer said. "Obviously those aren't my views at all and I don't want to be accountable for her actions. It's scary and shocking."

"And I'm sorry," she added. "If she were fed those lines and still chose to say them, I mean, that's also her fault."

Look for our full interview with Mortimer next week. High Society airs Wednesdays at 9:30/8:30c on the CW.