Question: Hey! You said you were going to talk more about Whispergate in AA! What happened?

Answer: Whispergate? What's Whispergate? Oh, OK. I admit it: I was trying to pull off a cover-up of a cover-up! Here's the deal: During my video interview with Lauren Graham at the CW launch party in September, I tried to coax a little tease out of our favorite Gilmore gal about the big event taking place in Lorelai's life during November sweeps. When she played dumb, I leaned in, covered my mouth and whispered in her ear, "She marries Christopher." Afterward, it took only 48 hours for the conversation to be posted on but a mere 30 minutes before I received an e-mail from a reader telling me that next time, I should do a better job of covering my mouth because it was obvious what I had told Lauren in what I thought was a hushed tone. I blanched. I panicked. I went out for a fro-yo. Then I called an emergency meeting with our tech wizards here, and we removed the clip from the site, edited out the incriminating evidence and put it back online. In the meantime, I did my best to contain the escalating scandal by squashing any and all information that leaked out about the November elopement. That included deleting comment posts in my blog that referred to my big goof and gaslighting the precious few individuals who had seen the unedited clip. I even went so far as to post a message in the Ausiello Report insisting that I had done nothing improper and if anyone thought otherwise, they were crazy. To my surprise, for the most part, it worked. Sure, several of my readers were admitted to a psychiatric treatment program, but, um, they may have needed a screw or two tightened anyway. And I'm told that their electroshock treatments involved negligible voltages. (We're talking fried hair here, not waking Frankenstein.) Looking back, I'm not proud of what I did, but it was for the greater good. You see, I made a promise to my source that I wouldn't reveal that Lorelai and Christopher were eloping until a few weeks into the season, and had I gone back on that agreement, it could have cost all of us some great Gilmore scoops in the future. I did this for you guys. But most importantly, I did it for me. Now, can we all move on? Or at least those of us who don't still have three weeks and a final Rorschach test to pass before they loosen our restraints?