Question: Hey, Michael, how did Becki Newton manage to smuggle you into InStyle's Globes after-party? And do you really heart her more than Keri?

Answer: OMG! How did you know!? Yes, I heart her more than Keri, and here's why: When she found out I didn't have an invite to the night's hottest soiree, she insisted that I tag along with her and the rest of the Ugly Betty crew (including Michael Urie, Tony Plana, Ashley Jensen, Christopher Gorham and Ana Ortiz). And really, who was I to say no? It was either this or [insert name of the far less-cool party that I did get invited to]. Not surprisingly, the entrance to the bash was a madhouse, with hundreds of people waiting to get in. Lucky for me, one of the advantages of being part of an Emmy-winning posse is not having to wait in line with mere mortals. But as we started making our way to the front, a suspicious security guard stopped me, and that's when it happened. Becks, channeling her inner Amanda, grabbed my arm, looked the scary bouncer man directly in the eyes and said, "He's. With. Us." And it was at that precise moment that Becki Newton replaced Keri at No. 1. And the amazing thing about all this? We only just met on Sunday at ABC's press-tour party, where I shared with her some Ugly Ruthie prattle. For more on that, keep reading. Also, check out my joint red-carpet interview with Becki and the equally awesome Michael Urie. As you'll see, our deep connection is palpable.