Question: Hey, Michael, were you in the press room when Isaiah Washington hijacked the microphone and said, "I did not call T.R. Knight a f----t!" And, if so, care to give us the scoop?

Answer: I certainly was there, and I have the internal scars to prove it. It was by far the ugliest, most uncomfortable press-room moment I have ever experienced. And judging by the shell-shocked faces on the cast particularly T.R. Knight and Patrick Dempsey, who have been class acts throughout this entire ordeal  it was a new low for them, too. And what's ironic about the whole thing is that in Washington's attempt to clear his name, he came off as an out-of-control homophobe who throws the f-word around like it's candy. (He's also playing fast and loose with the truth. Did he call T.R. a f----t to his face? No. Did he refer to him as one behind his back? Yes. T.R. says so himself on today's Ellen DeGeneres Show.) His continued employment on a show that wears its diversity as a badge of honor is the height of hypocrisy. If ABC wants to be remotely true to the principles Shonda Rhimes so eloquently espouses through the show, it has to do the right thing and fire Washington. Anything else at this point is simply unacceptable.

And on that soap-boxy note, another AA comes to a close. Some reminders: keep close tabs on the Ausiello Report for the remainder of the week for breaking news from press tour. Also, I worked my ass off on the Golden Globes red carpet, so the least you can do is check out the fruits of my labor on my personalized video player. Finally, if you care to discuss anything you read here today, head on over to the AA Discussion Thread. Until next time, buh-bye.