<EM>Big Brother</EM> Big Brother

"Hey, let's call Pam." That's what some brave bro at the House of Lee suggested to Tommy during the frat's poker night. Knowing how volatile Tommy can be, you have to give that kid credit. But instead of laying the dude out or pulling a celebrity vanishing act, Tommy flips open his celly and starts ringing some of his famous friends (though not Pam). How cool was it to hear Snoop Dogg's voice-mail greeting? "Church, priest, tabernacle"? I have no idea what that means, but it's damn funny, Snoop.

And that's what I'm loving about this show: the fact that the kids get to interact so (seemingly) freely with Tom. It's like being at celebrity fantasy camp for them. In fact, all of the House of Lee brothers should wear T-shirts with those words emblazoned on their chests. The only problem is, we'd never be able to read 'em. Has anyone else noticed how freaking frequently T-shirt logos are digitally blurred out on this series? And it's not just T's. Everything from buttons to backpacks is rendered fuzzy. Now I'll admit that about this time every Tuesday and Wednesday night, I can barely see straight, but I don't need NBC or the producers making it worse. Is it done to sidestep trademark issues, avoid sponsor clashes or filter out offensive phrases? Regardless, it's maddening. So I pose this question: How can Tommy be considered reality TV if we aren't allowed to at least read things as they really are? Maybe Tommy can answer that query in one of his final papers.