Hey, I'm all about daring to imagine a world in which a woman can become president. But do we really want her to take the office as the result of an elaborately rhetorical double-dog dare? Come on, Donald Sutherland, surely you must have seen enough Looney Tunes in your day to know a little something about reverse psychology: Wabbit season! Duck season! Blam! And you're left with a face full of gunpowder, wearing your nose as a hat. And if you're not gonna follow the teachings of His Most Honorable Bugs Bunny, at least remember who you're dealing with they told Geena Davis "girls can't play baseball," and she like, took over the whole league.

So as the title pretty much assures us, Mackenzie Allen does indeed take the oath and become the ruler of the free world. She also manages to rescue a Nigerian woman from certain death at the hands of her own government, wow a joint session of Congress with an I'm-ad-libbing-because-they-sabotaged-the-prompter address to the nation, and even put in a little June Cleaver face-time with her three adorable children. (Oh, and can we please talk about the adorable children for a second? Was anybody else completely skeeved out that first son Horace turns out to be baby-faced superhottie Matt from Manhunt: The Search for America's Most Gorgeous Male Model? Hey, don't judge me.) And speaking of the family angle, maybe the yummiest part of the whole premise is the delicate power struggle between Mac and her chief of staff-turned-first gentleman hubby. I'm not sure how many who-wears-the-pants? discussions we can squeeze out of this thing, but as long as we get to keep on watching Kyle Secor tackle his FLOTUS duties from his pretty pink office, I'm game.

So now all the series premiere pomp and circumstance is out of the way let's see some actual governing next week, huh? Woo hoo! LadyPrez '05! Come on, people, I'm a patriot first, a couch potato second. OK, whatever... it's a tie.