Question: Heroes poop, please?

Answer: Repeat after me: "Shag the cheerleader, save the world!" Or not. During a conference call yesterday with reporters (including's Matt Mitovich), Milo Ventimiglia dismissed the possibility of a Peter-Claire hookup. "She's in high school, she's 17, so that's going to be the story of Never Gonna Happen," he maintained. "At least not legally, for a while. There's a definite connection that Claire develops with Peter, but Peter has a connection with all the characters he comes in contact with, as a nurturer, caretaker." Meanwhile, Milo's TV bro, Adrian Pasdar, confirmed what I hinted at a few weeks back: Nathan's soon-to-be-seen wife, played by Rena Sofer, is in a wheelchair as a result of an accident. "There's a sense of guilt that has permeated Nathan's existence since this accident, which we get into in Episode 7. It's also an accident that shows something that we... can't really talk about too much. We get information from this accident on a few fronts, not just the one that explains why she's in a wheelchair."