NBC's Heroes is the most recognized TV program going into the Teen Choice 2007 awards, earning six total nominations, including Choice Drama and Breakout Show ("Breakout" of course meaning different things to this particular audience). Lost, Entourage and Ugly Betty followed with four nods each.

The drama contest pits Peter, Hiro et al against Grey's Anatomy, House, Lost and Kyle XY, while the comedy race has Entourage and Betty duking it out with The Office, Desperate Housewives and Hannah Montana.

If I may now cite three of the fluffier categories:

Choice Liplock nominees
Keira-Orlando, Kirsten-Tobey, Transformers' Megan Fox-Shia LaBeouf, Drew-Hugh and Beyoncé-Jamie

Choice Male Hottie
Josh Duhamel, Orlando, T.I., Zac and Taylor Kitsch

Choice Female Hottie
Megan Fox, Hayden, Jessicas A and B, and Rihanna

This excuse to exceed the reasonable limit for any one assembly of young and dewy folk airs Aug. 26 on Fox.