Sylar Stops By - For Breakfast? Wow... Heroes is really rallying in its final moments after what many people are calling a "slow" season (and that's putting their comments mildly). And guess who's dropping by Suresh's for an unexpected visit? That's right, Sylar's home! But don't worry, all he wants is some breakfast - and it looks like Maya is cookin' a feast.

Watch it now! Botched Butt Job You've heard the horror stories of plastic surgery gone awry, but this lady really got the raw end of the deal. After dropping $5,500 dollars to get a little more junk in her trunk, what she got instead was a painful, droopy mess. What's even worst is this newsanchor's attempt to report the story. Let's just say he's thrown professionalism out the door. The Closer's Two-Hour Special Event Admit it - you're going through Brenda withdrawal. Well, now you can get your Closer fix tonight with an all new two-hour holiday special. Brenda's heading home for the holidays (with Fritz in tow, of course) but not to spend QT with the fam (even though that's what they think!). She's hot on the trail of dangerous fugitive. That's one way to have a nice, cozy Christmas. Watch it now! Jennifer Love Hewitt Fights Back After pics of a tad fleshier Hewitt in a bikini circled the 'Net last week, the recently engaged starlet decided she wasn't going to sit back quietly and listen to all the catty comments. On her official website, Hewitt declared that "being a size 0 doesn't make you beautiful" and that she "loves" her body. Dunno...for someone that loves her body so much, she sounds pretty PO'ed, no? Watch it now! Samantha Sucks at Lying Lying doesn't necessarily come naturally for everybody, but you gotta love those who absolutely clam up, sweat bullets or stutter when it comes time to tell a fib. Take Samantha and her bud. Turns out the best Dena can come with for why they never got around to meeting up with Andrea is they got a call right when they were about to leave from her dog! Watch it now! For more great videos, check out our Online Video Guide now!