Zachary Quinto by Paul Drinkwater/NBC Zachary Quinto by Paul Drinkwater/NBC

So, Sulu is on Heroes and Sylar is off on a Star Trek? Is that how it's going to be? Zachary Quinto, aka the hit NBC drama's sinewy supervillain, has been tapped to slap some latex triangles on his ears and portray a young Spock in Lost boss J.J. Abrams' upcoming Star Trek feature film, sources confirm.

Presented with the casting buzz, Heroes creator Tim Kring told that he would be "thrilled" to see Quinto get his Vulcan on.

Officially, a rep for Abrams' Bad Robot shingle has yet to comment on the casting, though we hear it will be announced this week at (where else) the San Diego Comic-Con.

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