Question: Can you please give your presumably youngest (13!) Aushole some Heroes scoop?

Answer: Sure, just promise not to tell August Miklos Friedrich Hermann. As many a hysterical Aushole has informed me in the past 72 hours, Heroes creator Tim Kring debuted a new Heroes trailer over the weekend at the Jules Verne Adventure Film Festival of Los Angeles (huh?!), which features never-before-seen footage from Volume III, "Villains." (A wonky version of the trailer can be viewed here.) Where'd the footage come from, you ask? Well, it turns out that the show managed to shoot a bunch of scenes for Episodes 12 and 13 before production ground to a halt. But those episodes are incomplete and, therefore, can't air until the conflict is resolved. "Hopefully," says my spy, "the strike will end, they'll finish those two and a few more and have a proper end of the season."