Question: Dear God and by God, I mean you, Michael what is up with this week's Heroes leaving out two of my fave characters, Hiro and Peter? Do you have some scoop to tide me over until their return?

Answer: Who needs Hiro and Peter when you have Paulo and Nikki, er, Maya and Alejandro!? All sarcasm aside, did Heroes learn nothing from last season's Lost?! Echoing Bruce Fretts' spot-on Jeer, bring back our old favorites! The good news: Based on my intel, it appears the show will shake off its mini-sophomore slump just in time for November sweeps. Among the juiciest things I'm hearing

• A new Hero has a shocking connection to another character, ahem, relatively speaking.

• A major character will die, but, alas, there's a twist.

• Someone will be coming out of the closet as a Hero.