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Here's What We're Watching This Week

We've got recommendations for you!

Tim Surette

Our jobs at TV Guide require us to have our TVs on for most of our waking lives to keep up with everything that the industry is throwing at us. But when we're not watching shows for work, guess what we're doing? Watching TV for fun! There's something different about taking in a series without having to overthink it, and often it's where our true fandom shouts the loudest. That's why this week's picks are particularly interesting,

Each week, we'll poll the office to see what everyone's been watching and pass those suggestions along. Or, you know, if you just want to see what's up with our personal lives, we'll throw in some of that too.

If you're looking for even more recommendations, head over to our Watch This Now! page, where we'll regularly update our running list of all the best stuff on TV that you should be watching.

Warriors of Liberty City

Warriors of Liberty City


Warriors of Liberty City
I was so moved while watching Starz's Warriors of Liberty City, mainly because this documentary series -- which follows kids playing in the Liberty City Warriors, a youth football league that has churned out dozens of pros -- is about so much more than football. Oftentimes, hip-hop artists like league founder Luther Campbell, or African-Americans in general, can talk 'til their lungs give in about the ills in their communities, about systemic poverty, about a lack of opportunity, about drugs and crime and no one believes them. Nobody takes them seriously, or believes they're actually doing anything to change it. All that's in your face in Warriors of Liberty City. You see, with your own eyes, sons and (cheerleading) daughters being shepherded into a a program designed literally to save their lives; viewers witness firsthand adults pushing children to make better decisions, to be responsible and to have goals and ambitions outside their neighborhoods that so many before them never could've considered. But beyond the infuriating implications of what's being seen on screen, Warriors of Liberty City is such a hopeful, inspiring series because it shows people determined to win, no matter what, and that change IS happening, one pass, kick and jump at a time. - Malcolm Venable, Senior Editor

Since I'm not exactly in the top 1 percent, I decided to switch it up this week and familiarize myself with society's elite by tuning into HBO's Succession. I can't say that I've been surprised by the family shenanigans that ensue, however, I must admit that the show is intriguing for exactly that reason. The acting and storytelling is on par with what you would expect from a billionaire family facing the reality of their crumbling empire as they scramble to hold on to anything. I needed to watch something predictably dramatic and Succession delivered big. - Ndumiso Mafu, Video Producer

Nailed It!
I've never been someone who watches cooking shows, but Nailed It! on Netflix is far from your typical foodie fare. The series, which has two seasons so far, sees (very, very) amateur bakers compete to replicate culinary feats while hosts Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres lovingly poke fun at their efforts. The show is a confection, sitting in that sweet spot between competitive and ridiculous. And it's something the whole family can watch before winding up in the kitchen together to, hopefully, out-do the contestants. - Noelene Clark, Managing Editor

If you're like me and are still riding that Crazy Rich Asians / To All The Boys I've Loved Before rom-com wave into cuffing season, do yourself a favor and binge the deliciously tense and realistic will-they-won't-they of Lovesick. Originally titled Scrotal Recall (I know, I know, don't let it phase you, the show is not slapstick or bro-y in the least), the Netflix show follows Dylan as he reconnects with exes. Yes he's calling to tell them to get tested as the not-so-proud owner of an STD, but as the seasons unfold, being forced to figure out why all his previous relationships have failed open Dylan up to the one he was afraid to embrace all along. - Krutika Mallikarjuna, Senior Editor

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