Showtime released the very first teaser for its Twin Peaks reboot on Friday, and boy oh boy are we excited.

The 50-second teaser includes shots of waterfalls and forests while actor Michael Horse meditates on how the corner of the Pacific Northwest where the show takes place is sacred and has an energy that defies explanation, and feels like a "being in a moving painting." (It's unclear whether Horse is speaking as himself or as Deputy Hawk Hill, the character he plays.) Then there's a suitably creepy Lynchian twist at the end. The footage has a cold, digital feel as opposed to the warm, nostalgic feel of the original series.

It's hard not to get chills when the theme music starts.

Twin Peaks is currently in production and will return after 26 years in 2017 on Showtime. It will be directed entirely by series co-creator David Lynch.

Are you ready to start speculating about what this means?