Question: Help me! There's all this buzz about someone big leaving Alias and everyone thinks it is Michael Vartan!

Answer: (SPOILER ALERT!) The only buzz that I'm prepared to confirm at this point is that my good buddy (and Felicity costar) Greg Grunberg is indeed exiting the show of his own accord. "It's just time for me to go," he tells me. "Doing [the J.J. Abrams-produced drama pilot] The Catch felt so right and, although it didn't get picked up, it really gave me the itch to do something where I have a larger role. I'm going to miss everyone on Alias so much, but I think it's the right move for me right now." Grunberg adds that he's "weighing a couple great [TV] things right now" that would reunite him with his first love: comedy. As for how Alias producers plan to deal with Weiss' impending exit, Grunny promises that "it will be dramatic." (I think we all know what that means.)