Helen Phillips Helen Phillips

Helen Phillips isn't wasting any time showing off her Biggest Loser-winning body. The 48-year-old mom from Michigan has already posed in her new "Got Milk?" campaign, which will run in USA Today on May 13th.

Balancing family, career and her pleasing nature, Phillips knows that it's the simple, everyday choices that keep her healthy — and her ad is about that very principle: "Happy to lose. And happy to win. When every calorie counts, you have to make smart choices, like drinking fat-free milk. It's a nutrient powerhouse. Packed with 9 essential nutrients including protein, milk helps build muscle and fuels my workouts. Now the loser wins. Drink well. Live well. got milk?"

Helen joins previous winners Michelle Aguilar and Ali Vincent, who have also donned the famous mustache for the National "got milk?" Campaign.