Kendra, Holly (front) and Bridget are <EM>The Girls Next Door</EM>. Kendra, Holly (front) and Bridget are The Girls Next Door.
Hugh Hefner's trio of girlfriends  Holly Madison, 25,

Bridget Marquardt, 31, and Kendra Wilkinson, 20  are back for another season of The Girls Next Door, the E! reality series that takes you inside the front door (and occasionally into the bedrooms) of the famed Playboy mansion. Since last year's ménage-à-quatre Insider Q&A was such a pleasure, rested up for an encore with the towheaded triad, in which they tease the episodes ahead, the Season 1 DVD's "unrated extras," and more. Let's start off with each of you finishing this sentence: "If I could delete from existence any one moment from Season 1, it would be...."
Holly Madison:
Me being a bitch  pick any one of those moments! [Laughs]
Bridget Marquardt: I would delete some of my crying scenes. I just got really emotional over [posing with the others for a November '05 pictorial], and I'm embarrassed about it now.
Kendra Wilkinson: I have no regrets. Everything I do, I am good with!
Holly: The producers and the editors like to group us into different characters: Bridget always gets the crying moments, I get the bitchy moments, and Kendra gets the dumb-blonde moments. We all hate that, but....
Bridget: It makes for fun TV! Any lessons learned from the first go-round?
Wear more makeup! Just kidding.
Bridget: I don't think I learned a lesson from the show itself, but I learned lessons from people who e-mailed me after the fact. They pay attention to every single detail! Somebody on the Internet will be like, "Bridget wears KangaROOS [shoes], but I also saw her in Champions once." Or, people were reading my diplomas off the wall and e-mailing to say, "I went to the same school as you!" People are very into it. [Laughs]
Kendra: I learned to just be myself  and I will stay myself. Everybody likes me for who I am, so I don't need to change anything to make for a better show. The Season 1 DVD, out Aug. 1, promises 50 minutes of "never-before-seen, unrated" footage. Do tell.
Well, we're naked; you don't get the blurring. And you have our commentary as we sit and watch every episode and spit out everything we know about doing it, what we think about it, what we hate....
Bridget: It also has the pilot [Hef's World] that was never really aired.
Holly: We also did a personality test that the producer said would never be seen in public! Holly, you're still Hef's No. 1 gal? Any plans to cede the throne?
No, although I have to admit that Bridget and Kendra have better rooms that I do. [Laughs] They have their own rooms with awesome bathrooms and huge-ass closets. I share a room with Hef, where I'm, like, stuck in a corner.
Bridget: Holly gets barely a closet to herself! How much room could Hef's robes take up?
Oh, you don't even know. He has every color of satin pajamas, and like six or seven of each one, and they're all lined up, color-coordinated. [Laughs] Holly, your E! bio says you don't hit the gym but instead get your workout "in the bedroom." Let me play naive here and ask, "Whatever does that mean?"
[Girls laugh]
Holly: It is what it says; I'll be in bed at night and all of a sudden...! But I'm starting to work out more in the gym.
Kendra: Yeah, I've seen her in the gym lately!
Holly: I'm inspired because Hef has hinted that I might be able to remodel the gym. The very thought of that has got me interested! Bridget, how goes it with the second masters degree?
I am not going to go for the second master's degree. I have the first one, and I am taking classes for broadcast journalism at UCLA, where I'm almost done with that certificate program, and I'm taking some Spanish classes. You've all visited Hef's wax-museum likeness at Madame Tussauds....
Yeah, and it's missing something. Hell-o! What did they get right, and what did they botch?
They got most of it right except... there's nothing in his pants! Just two legs, that's it. [Girls laugh] It was pretty damn close, though. I was like, "This is crazy!"
Bridget: His was one of the first figures they made out of silicone. [Editor's note: No, she isn't joking.] In the interest of professional research, I was snooping around the Internet and saw that two of you have MySpace pages  though no one believes they're actually yours.
Well, we do have a lot of fakers out there. Kendra and I recently had most of our fakers deleted, but they come back.
Bridget: My sister Anastasia checked my name the other day on MySpace, and I had, like, 22 pages.
Holly: What's crazy is the fakers do their research and can be pretty convincing. I've had some of my friends fall for a faker! Kendra, true or false Internet rumor: You are the secret sister of adult film star Jenna Jameson?
Through my whole life I didn't even know who she was and everybody kept telling me, "Oh, my god, you look like her!" So finally I did my research and I'm like, "Damn, she's hot!" We finally met each other, and now I'm like, so obsessed with her. Help out a fella who didn't see Scary Movie 4. What was your contribution to that motion-picture franchise?
We brought a lot of sexuality... a lot of humor... and a lot of eye candy.
Bridget: Eye candy for sure! We played Scrabble in bed. And then got into a pillow fight over it! I know the Playboy mansion has movie nights. But have the Girls Next Door ever screened... Elisha Cuthbert's The Girl Next Door?
I know Hef has the DVD, but I haven't seen the movie yet. What sort of TV do each of you like?
I don't get around to watching a lot of TV because Hef and I watch so many movies. But I'm having The Simple Life taped for me, and I'm about three episodes behind.
Kendra: Pardon the Interruption, NFL Live, The Best Damn Sports Show Period... those are all the shows I like. Anything on EPSN/ESPN2/FSN. That's all!
Bridget: I just got TiVo, and I'm in love with it. It changes your whole lifestyle.
Holly: Bridget's dating TiVo. That has to be the happiest TiVo on earth then.
[Laughs] I tape Travel Channel shows and all the fun Food Network shows, like about how the pizza was invented, and the best French fries. Those are my favorite things. What's this about you three getting picked on by the ladies of The View? Tell me who, and I'll take a tire iron to her dressing room vanity.
Here's what I'll tell you  I like Meredith, she's my favorite.
Bridget: I like Meredith, too. So none of you are vying for Star Jones' spot?
I wouldn't want it if they offered it to me.
Holly: I heard [Playmate-turned-soap star] Kelly Monaco is up for it. I hope she gets it! Holly, how dicey a proposition was it to redecorate the guest house during Season 1? Or did you do it solely because of the catty run-in you had with Hef's ex, Barbi Benton?
Holly: No, and that's something I get into on the DVD commentary. They make it look like the whole reason I redid the guest house is because Barbi [originally decorated] it, but that's not true. Barbi had decorated it all country, and then Hef remodeled it a few years ago to [add] extra bedrooms, so it was like half-contemporary/half-frontierland. I just made it more fun and girly, so when girls come try out for Playmate, they get a cute place to stay. What's new for Season 2? More escapades, misadventures, places, events and/or body parts we haven't seen yet?
Everything! We start off with Hef's 80th birthday, which is this huge bash, and we end with Kendra's 21st birthday in Vegas! The last time we spoke, much was made of your hope to snuff the assumption that you're all dumb blondes, or, as one of you put it, "ho's." That said, for Season 2 has there been any pressure to "spice things up"?
I think we're all more comfortable on camera, so it just naturally happened that things have become more fun and exciting. The episodes really show that.
Bridget: I don't think it's so much the racy aspect that E! or the viewers are interested in. There's a little bit of that, but they're interested in us as characters and the fact that we're different. They want to see how we interact, and the fun, unique fantasy world we live in.

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