Behold the healing power of Locklear. Dynasty. T.J. Hooker. Melrose Place. Spin City. The woman who puts the heat in Heather has been lending her lucky charms to struggling shows since the days of shoulder pads and shoot-'em-up weddings. Now, the deliciously dishy bombshell is back with a brand-spankin'-new drama, NBC's airport-based LAX, and she's packing a seriously sexy supporting cast. So get ready to assume the upright position.

TV Guide Online: Do you ever work with ugly people?
Heather Locklear:
I know! It's a little crazy. [Laughs]

TVGO: Between you, Blair Underwood, Paul Leyden (ex-Simon, As the World Turns)....
You can get me out of there. But the rest....

TVGO: Are you kidding? Woman, don't you realize you are still hot?!
Well, thank you!

TVGO: Then, of course, there's Blair.
I thought that was such a good thing. When I heard he had signed on, I went, "Ah! This is going to be good."

TVGO: And thankfully, we've reached a point where it's not "Ohhh, interracial."
You know, this is not good to say, so I'm going to say it anyway. [Laughs] Howard Stern, who I of course still listen to, had some woman [on his show] who was saying, "I don't like interracial" or whatever. She wasn't talking about our show. Maybe [her comment] was just [about] Howard and Robin [Quivers] working together, but the woman was crazy. And I thought, "Well, we have one less viewer."

TVGO: But word is, your characters will be butting heads instead of testing beds. Say it ain't so!
If we got together, that tension's over. On Moonlighting, when Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd got together? Done! We all root for it, but we don't really want to see it. People really shouldn't be married. They should just get up to the altar.

TVGO: And then open fire.
[Howling] Exactly!

TVGO: On a more serious note, the first episode features drunken pilots and a bomb scare, which are both played for laughs. Will this fly with viewers already freaked out by terror alerts and national-security scares?
The tone is [being changed] to be much more dramatic than dramedy. But there is humor in it, so we can have a lighter side. I think when LAX [officials] and NBC got a look at the script, you know, it was fast-paced and interesting, but when it comes to bombs and [such], we've got to take it seriously. For everyone who works at LAX or is flying into it, this is their home. Everybody owns it.... We're trying to do good for Los Angeles.

TVGO: Well, if you want to do good, you could start by giving us the scoop. What really goes on behind the scenes at an airport?
You will not believe the things that go on. The baggage, when it goes down? Don't have expensive luggage. That's all I can say.

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