Question: Have you heard anything about Bones?

Answer: Big scoop straight from Emily Deschanel: Former Hugh Laurie sidekick Stephen Fry is doing a multi-episode arc as a shrink. "[Booth] goes a little nutso, does something bad and is given mandatory therapy," Emily told me Saturday night at Fox's press-tour party. As a result, Booth and Brennan "get separated, and that's when I have to work with" new recurring guest star/love interest Eddie McClintock. Booth eventually returns to the fold, but his jealousy over Brennan's new crush lands them both on Fry's couch. "We end up going to couples therapy with Stephen Fry because we're not working well together." Emily also confirmed that her pa, Oscar-nominated cinematographer Caleb Deschanel, will helm Bones' penultimate episode in May. "I won't have any kissing scenes in that episode. I requested that," she laughed. "Could you imagine?" No, but I bet Joe Simpson could.