Question: I hear you're the man to go to if you want scoop on your favorite TV shows, so please give me something on Criminal Minds

Answer: I am indeed that man. Minds has signed David Carradine and Amy Madigan to guest-star in a February-sweeps episode. "David is playing the most prolific serial killer ever, and Amy is his love interest," says exec producer Ed Bernero. "[Her character] is the reason we get involved in the case." While I had Bernero on the phone, I asked him why Minds has thus far resisted the temptation to throw its characters in bed together. "I was a cop in Chicago, and you have interests outside of the job. These are the people they work with; they're not necessarily going to screw them all. They have [other lives]. I just dont see it happening. We have some flirtations. We have a flirtation between Shemar's character and the Garcia character. Certainly the women on this show can tell that Shemar is a handsome guy, but I don't see anybody jumping into bed together."