HBO is finally getting in on the superhero action — albeit a few years late — and the network made an excellent choice for their small screen adaptation: Watchmen.

The Leftovers Damon Lindelof posted a very teaser-y photo on Instagram yesterday, hinting that Day 1 of the writers room for this potential Watchmen series had begun. Today, HBO confirmed that it has ordered a Watchmen pilot with an option for more scripts.

Day One.

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Watchmen is based on a DC graphic novel, set in an alternate history in the year 1985, where the U.S won the Vietnam War and Nixon's presidency stretched well into the '80s. It follows the adventures of a group of mostly retired American superheroes as they investigate the murder of one of their own.

Given the gritty nature of the graphic novel, this couldn't be a more perfect project for HBO. It's proven it can deliver quality content when it comes to fantasy and heightened reality series like Game of Thrones and Westworld, and frankly, HBO needs an easy win. With Game of Thrones and Veep (two of their most popular shows) coming to an end, HBO needs to fill its roster with more obsession-worthy shows. Superheroes, even dark, edgy ones, tend to check all those boxes for fans.