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Harriet Korn's impressive track record as a defense lawyer during Season 1of Harry's Law can only mean one thing for the new season: expansion.

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With her notoriety at an all-time high, Harry (Kathy Bates

) will move her firm to a new loft and take on two new associates, Oliver Richard (Mark Valley) and Cassie Reynolds (Karen Olivo). (Original cast members Aml Ameen and Brittany Snow left the show over the summer, though Snow will appear in a few episodes to explain the character's exits.)Although Cassie is still green, Oliver and Harry share a history. "He comes from the same firm that Harry worked at before she went to the shoe store," Valley tells TVGuide.com. "He's a very natural, good litigator. His character would rely on Harry quite a bit for information and research because patent lawyers tend to have a really kind of comprehensive knowledge of everything. So, he used her in that way. Now the tables have turned."But, he's also a bit of a rainmaker, as they say," Valley, who previously worked with Harry's creator David E. Kelley on Boston Legal, continues. "He has a lot of clients, and I think Harry could definitely use that to help her firm."

Harry's Law: Brittany Snow and Aml Ameen exit

One of those clients will be the subject of the season's first three episodes. Oliver introduces Harry to Eric Sanders (Alfred Molina), a man accused of bludgeoning his wife to death. Although Harry is hesitant to take the case, once she finally agrees, she needs all the help she can get.Enter Cassie, a promising legal mind discovered by Adam (Nate Corddry). Olivo says her character simply wants to be in Harry's presence in hopes that she'll learn some new skills."[Cassie has] been seeing this woman win the unwinnable cases," Olivo says. "Whereas she has all of the book smarts and can win the cases by the law, Harry can do things that no one thinks can be done. Cassie wants to get on that. She wants to be part of the team that's doing good."

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Even though they're both the new kids on the team, Oliver and Cassie aren't exactly fast friends. "They're like oil and water," Olivo says. "They could not be any more different [Oliver is] as hot shot as they come. He's just everything that Cassie sort of abhors about law. ... There is a bit of friction pretty early on."Cassie's eager attitude may not sit well with Harry, either. "Harry is no one's mentor," Olivo says. "There is tenacity about Cassie that you see later on in the season that sort of proves that she's with the right people. It takes a very strong person to work under Harry Korn and ... [Cassie's] got the guts."Harry's Law premieres Wednesday at 9/8c on NBC.