Underground, WGN America's thriller about a group of fugitive slaves running for their life in pre-Civil War America, ended its first knockout season with the band of characters separated and scattered. In the closing scene, Rosalee (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) is hiding when she's greeted by a badass, shotgun-wielding woman who introduces herself as Harriet.

That's Harriet Tubman of course, the real-life American hero of the Underground Railroad who smuggled thousands of slaves to freedom and will soon be on the $20 bill. In the series though, Harriet's face is obscured by the glare of the sun leaving us in the dark about the actress who'll play her.

Well, her face is obscured no more! WGN announced today that Harriet will be played by Aisha Hinds, who's appeared in True Blood and Star Trek Into Darkness. She joins the cast along with guest stars Jasika Nicole (Scandal, Fringe) as Georgia, an abolitionist with a covert station along the Underground; Michael Trotter (Rosewood) as Biographer, an astute observer of people; and Jesse Luken (Justified)as Smoke, the second in command of an infamous slave-catcher gang. Amirah Vann, who plays Rosalee's mother Ernestine, returns as a regular in Season 2, expanding her recurring role.

Aisha HindsAisha Hinds

The new season of Underground focuses on an America on the brink of civil war, with each side looking to get its own justice.

Underground returns to WGN in 2017.