Eliza Coupe, Casey Wilson Eliza Coupe, Casey Wilson

Sixteen stiches. That was the price Happy Endings paid for one of the funniest falls through a glass window ever.

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Fortunately, Casey Wilson did not have to pay that price, since it was a stunt double that stood in for the comedian, who portrays the hopelessly single Penny on the ABC comedy. "I did the beginning and the end and we had a stunt double," Wilson tells TVGuide.com. "I was like, 'I'll let her do this." I went back to my trailer. She went through the glass. Eliza [Coupe] came and banged on the door. She's like, 'There's trouble!'

"The woman had to go to the hospital to make me look funny," the SNL alum continues. "She had blood all over her like Carrie. She was wonderful, and she's totally fine. Because the glass is so fine, it makes you bleed so it was one of the scariest things we've ever seen. We only did one take and it worked."

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No stranger to physical comedy, Wilson had actually offered to do the stunt herself. "I thought it would be funny, like, 'I'll go through the plate glass. That's fun to do your own stunts!' What am I, Charlize Theron? No! They're like, 'You can't go through the glass, it really cuts you.' I was like, 'My face! My beautiful face! I can't go through there!'

"It was worth it," she continues. "I didn't want to tell [the stunt double] there was no film in the camera," Wilson says with a laugh. Obviously, she's joking. In case you didn't watch it over and over again on your DVR already, you can watch it again (and again) below:

Happy Endings airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on ABC.