Question: What happened? Your frienemy broke the news of Keri Russell guest-starring on Scrubs before you did. I'm a little disappointed. But I still love you.

Answer: The truth of the matter is, Keri asked me to hold off on announcing her two-episode arc until after my Scrubs episode aired tomorrow night. She was concerned the news would overshadow my big debut, and, well, after much back-and-forth, I ultimately agreed with her. I'm sorry if I let you down, but I stand by my decision. Some things are more important than scoop.

And on that note, another AA comes to a close. To discuss this week's column, head over to the Ausiello Report and stay there throughout the week for breaking tube news and more naughty blind items. And remember to watch me on Scrubs tomorrow night at 9 pm/ET! Don't blink during the final 10 seconds you'll  miss the magic moment!