Although Hannibal's second season ended with Dr. Lecter flying to Paris with his shrink Bedelia Du Maurier, she may have had little choice in the matter.

The Season 3 premiere (Thursday at 10/9c, NBC), which is dedicated almost entirely to the uneasy relationship that exists between Hannibal (Mads Mikkelsen) and Bedelia (Gillian Anderson), makes it pretty clear that Bedelia is in way over her head — and becoming more and more scared by her involvement with the cannibal serial killer.

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"We touch on what their past was and how Bedelia got herself in this situation," Mikkelsen tells "Let's put it this way: It's not a healthy relationship. It's distant but also intimate in a way. It's a brother-sister relationship that is not healthy."

And lest you think that Hannibal wouldn't harm his only remaining "ally," executive producer Bryan Fuller says this: "As much as Will Graham can forgive Hannibal his trespasses, Hannibal may not be as easy to forgive Will," executive producer Bryan Fuller says. "And the resulting therapy with Dr. Du Maurier, the recommendations of how to deal with those feelings, is pretty brutal."

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