Who knew schlockmeister John Waters would ever become this mainstream? According to E! Online, the folks behind Dancing with the Stars are in talks to bring some of the stars of the upcoming movie musical Hairspray onto the reality juggernaut as guests. Based on the Broadway smash that was inspired by Waters' delightful 1988 flick of the same name, Hairspray boasts quite a cast of cinematic hoofers, including John Travolta ( Saturday Night Fever), Queen Latifah ( Chicago) and Michelle Pfeiffer ( Grease 2... not quite the word but she did shake her groove thang). While nothing is set in stone or even Aquanet, if the deal does happen, look for the crossover later rather than sooner, since Hairspray doesn't hit theaters until July. In the meantime, check out the fabulous trailer. - Raven Snook