Question: There is a guy that I like. Should I tell him or keep it a secret?

Answer: Why not get to know him as a friend first? Maybe you can start bumping into him, so he can get to know you a bit. It will be very hard if you go steaming in and he rejects you. Personally, I would take the soft approach. That way if he is interested, he will begin to show it, and if not, there will be no harm done. Also, don't forget that he may be as shy as you are, so being approached may scare him off. There are ways of showing your interest without making yourself look a fool. After he knows who you are, see if you share any interests. And if he has friends that are girls, chances are he won't mind another one. Then you can tell him you have more than friendship on your mind, once you feel a bit more at ease. (The preceding response was lifted without permission from