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Grimm: Adalind Sees Juliette As a Threat No Matter What She's Called Now

She's willing to do anything to protect her family

Megan Vick

The dream at the beginning of Grimm's fifth season was for Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) to be alive and well to give Nick (David Giuntoli) a shot at a happy future. Little did anyone know that the closest Nick has ever been to a content life has been found with Adalind (Claire Coffee) and their baby in a loft in the middle of nowhere.

Naturally, as Nick and Adalind both began to realize their feelings ran beyond a mutual respect and desire to co-parent Kelly, Juliette reappears as Eve - a hexenbiest super spy for the secretive anti-wessen uprising group Hadrian's Wall. It's a lot to handle, and to no one's surprise, Adalind is not excited to see Nick's ex walking around, especially with powerful assassin powers.

The Grimm gang gets a mystery with ancient ties

"[Adalind] definitely doesn't feel okay about Eve being back. She's very scared of Eve and she's every scared for what Eve being back means for her relationship with Nick," Coffee tells TVGuide.com "Even if Eve is changed, I don't think she really trusts that Eve is a totally different person and that it won't jeopardize her relationship with Nick."

That worry is going to come to a head on Friday when Eve decides to "involve" herself in Nick's home life. "Eve is concerned about Nick's loyalties and is worried about what Adalind might do to jeopardize the loyalties they are trying to establish with Nick and Hadrian's Wall," Coffee explains.

What's Grimm without Juliette? Awesome

However, Adalind's relationship with Hadrian's Wall won't be a tangential one for long. The former hexenbiest will get brought into the action and be part of the fight against the Black Claw. "She gets swept into the war in a very serious way, soon. It's going to affect Adalind's storyline and the family throughout the rest of the season," Coffee says.

The war between Hardian's Wall and Black Claw will have to coincide with Adalind's rekindled desire to find her daughter, Diana. The quiet home life with Nick has rebuilt Adalind's confidence that she has what it takes to be a good mom. "She didn't really get a chance to mother Dianna so now seeing that she can be a good mother to Kelly, just reignites that passion and trying to find Diana," Coffee says, and reveals that Diana is a key part of Adalind's own happy ever after. "My hope for Adalind is to get Diana back. [Having] one big happy family is probably too ambitious of a thing for this show but we can hope."

Can she have it all? See for yourself when Grimm airs Friday at 9/8c

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