Last season of Grimm ended with a bloody cliffhanger when Renard (Sasha Roiz) ran a sword through Bonaparte's (Shaun Toub) heart, killing the leader of the wesen rebellion group Black Claw and saving Nick's (David Giuntioli) life.

While it was definitely Renard's hand that held the sword, he wasn't the one in control of it. Thus when Grimm returns next month, Renard's first order of business will be needing to find out who it was that forced him to kill the man calling all the shots. His first stop on that quest is to Adalind (Claire Coffee); to tell her what happened... And ask if she had anything to do it. As a hexenbiest, she has the power to control Renard, but Adalind was too worried about what Bonaparte would do to her children if she dared moved against him.

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Of course, we already know it was Renard and Adalind's daughter Diana (Hannah R. Loyd) that took over her father's body and killed Bonaparte, who she suspected was keeping her parents apart. It doesn't take long for Renard to question if Diana was behind the murder, but Adalind isn't ready to hear it. No mother really wants to think their 8-year old is capable of that kind of darkness, but the audience is aware that Bonaparte isn't even Diana's first intentional kill.

What are Renard and Adalind going to do when they confirm what their daughter is capable of? Find out when Grimm returns for its final season on Jan. 6 at 8/7c on NBC.