In the first clear sign that Isaiah Washington hasn't gone completely bonkers, sources confirm that the embattled, F-bomb-droppin' Grey's Anatomy doc has fired his longtime publicist and retained 42 West's Allan Mayer and Kelly Mullens, both of whom have a background in crisis situations. (Mayer has reportedly handled such scandal-prone celebs as R Kelly, Tommy Lee and Paula Poundstone.)

Meanwhile, Grey's creator Shonda Rhimes is facing increasing pressure to publicly denounce Washington's behavior. She's slated to attend tonight's Producers Guild Awards, but a source close to the show says it's doubtful she'll be doing any press.

Finally, insiders say ABC has yet to decide what form Washington's punishment will take, but a source says everything is being "considered and weighed" - including him being fired.

Now, in totally unrelated news, thanks for all the congratulatory e-mails regarding Keri's pregnancy. We're putting the finishing touches on our official statement, but it goes without saying that we're both over the moon. Registry info is also forthcoming....