T.R. Knight T.R. Knight

If the rumblings are to be believed, Seattle Grace may see George O'Malley retire his scrubs. 

T.R. Knight, who plays Grey's Anatomy's affable doc, reportedly wants out of his contract — and, sources are saying, the show is already working to accommodate the exit.

The actor has three years left in his deal with the Grey's, which has seen less of him on screen this season. Buzz over Knight's possible departure began Monday night, when reports began to appear that Knight was "pissed and miserable" at the series, and hadn't been attending table reads.

A rep denied the rumor Tuesday, but snippets from anonymous sources continue to surface, with one suggesting that Knight's lack of screen time lately has contributed to his desire to leave. "It just feels like this is the right time to go," the source told People.

Do you believe the latest rumblings? What's the real prognosis on Knight's future on Grey's?