Grey's Anatomy viewers: help me out here. I'm a big fan of the love and lust that collides constantly in the halls of Seattle Grace. I like the steamy sarcasm between Addison and Mark, the calm reassurance between Derek and Meredith, the secrets that Callie holds onto, the laid-back attitude from Karev, and the strange, morphing relationship between Cristina and Burke. But I can't get on board with Izzie. I think I'm the only person who wasn't really into the Denny story line and now that he's gone, I'm still not connecting with her. I just don't like her. Sometimes, I want her to shut her mouth. Other times - when she's not saying a million things in one breath - I find her bearable. But let me be clear - it's the character I can't seem to warm up to, not Katherine Heigl. She has great timing, believable expressions, and a presence that suggests she's truly in character, so why can't I just accept Izzie's quirks? Last night's ending didn't help either. I couldn't be more disappointed in George, but even though he was out of line with Callie last night and completely off his rocker about the marriage in general, I still direct my anger for their drunken mistake toward Izzie. Maybe Shepherd should give me a head exam, because I'm not sure why she rubs me the wrong way. Is there anyone else out there who has Izzie on the bottom of their intern list?