Eric Dane (<I>Grey's Anatomy</I>), Joshua Jackson (<I>Fringe</I>) and Gary Sinise (<I>CSI: NY</I>) Eric Dane (Grey's Anatomy), Joshua Jackson (Fringe) and Gary Sinise (CSI: NY)

Senior editors Matt Webb Mitovich and Mickey O'Connor answer your questions. ((Don't forget to email us with your own spoilery needs.)

What have you got for Grey's Anatomy that isn't about Mer and Der? — BethAnn
Mmmm, this vittle made it to my desk just before deadline, and goodness, it's tasty. What you may know: This week, Sloan counsels the "Mason-Dixon line"-averse Callie on the ways of love. What you don't know: He teaches by doing. What does that mean?!

Fringe is the most addictive new show on television! Give me some scoop on when Olivia and Peter will get all romantic. — Keith
Well, Keith, I hate to disappoint you (perv), but it's going to be a while. This show is so not about sex right now. My Fringe mole tells me that producers are aiming for a "slow burn" between Olivia and Peter. Olivia's boyfriend, John, just died a few weeks ago, and he is currently haunting her. So she's busy. Peter also has his hands full babysitting his dad. And then there's all that world-saving to be done. Speaking of which: Look for Olivia's work to take her overseas in a coming episode.

Is Desperate Housewives planning any flashbacks that will explain how Gaby was able to get pregnant (twice!), despite having been told she could never have children? And where the heck is Tom and Lynette's daughter, Penny? — Jamie
Yes, this Sunday's flashback-tastic episode will spell out much of what transpired during the five-year jump, including Gabrielle's "miracle babies." We'll also learn why Tom is now "living in the moment" and why there is a strong bond between Bree and Katherine. Now as for Penny, don't go putting her on a milk carton just yet; you must have blinked-and-missed her in one of this season's first episodes. (For more Housewives scoop, watch this week's Mega Minute video.)

Are there any plans to make Emmanuelle Vaugier a regular cast member of CSI: NY? — Eric
"It's certainly possible." And that's not just my love for Saw II talking, it's a quote from NY's exec producer. "We all love Emmanuelle and what she's done with her character Det. Angell," says Peter Lenkov. "Right now she's scheduled to appear in several upcoming episodes, and let's just say the chemistry between her and Det. Flack is not ignored."

Can you tell us anything about Jeff Goldblum's Law & Order: Criminal Intent character? — Amanda
I can tell you that he doesn't appear in the Nov. 7 season opener. But I have seen him in a few scenes with Julianne Nicholson, and I think you'll be surprised. Far from trotting out the usual stammering theatrics, Goldblum-as-cop is a cool customer. I hear his character's parents were both shrinks, so clearly it will be revealed that he, too, is a total nut job.

Did I read that Brothers & Sisters' Kevin was going to have some medical problems? Could you shed light on that? — Jennifer
Matthew Rhys indeed hinted at "health issues" vexing Kevin in this Emmys red-carpet video. All I am at liberty to add is that Kevin will consider undergoing a major surgical procedure. (Just don't lop off his awesome accent!)

Ellen Burstyn was fantastic! Any SVU scoop? — Henry
Ausiello is going to kill me for getting you this before him, but I hear that Gilmore Girls grandma Kelly Bishop (aka his BFF) is circling a juicy guest spot.

I am hearing that everyone on One Tree Hill is signed for another season — except Chad Michael Murray. Is there any chance the show will go on without Lucas? — David
Tree Hill superfan Robyn Ross and I confabbed the other day to dream up a world where the show goes on minus Lucas... and frankly, we came up empty. That said, who's to say the Chad won't eventually re-up? Dude's writing and directing this season, so he should be in a very happy place. For the record, Chad's rep tells the Buzz he is "willing to listen" to offers to re-sign. She then pointed out that the episode Murray wrote, airing Nov. 17, is "phenomenal... nothing like anybody has ever anticipated coming from One Tree Hill."

Will Angel Wainwright will return to The Unit as Betsy Blane? — Dee Bee
Guess what, Dee Bee? I finally have an answer for you. Yes, you will see Angel again. My source has sworn me to secrecy on the when, why and how, but her reappearance will be significant.

Without a Trace had a pretty big revelation in the season finale when it appeared that Danny sold Jack out when he was interviewed by OPR. We didn't see Danny's answer, but Jack was demoted and we were led to believe we would find out if Danny was behind it or not. Do you know why that story was dropped? — Anna
One man's "dropped" is another man's "back-pocketed." Sources tell me this loose thread will be addressed in the Nov. 11 episode.

Who determines the Dancing with the Stars tour cities and why don't they come to Dallas? I'm not going to drive to Houston or San Antonio.... — Dianne
I'm glad you asked, Dianne. First, Julianne and Maks don matching U.S. map leotards. Then, Carrie Ann pours a thin layer of honey over the parquet. Into the honey, Bruno drops 18 oversized sequins. Len rings the bell and the honey-wrestling begins! Ahem. I'm guessing the real answer is less precise (and far less exciting), having to do with TV ratings, venues and regional cultural differences. Why not Dallas? Beats me, and ABC isn't saying either.

Surely there must be some word on what Alex O'Loughlin will be doing next for CBS. Right? — Lauren
I know the Alex O fans are waiting with bated breath to see what his announced-long-ago talent deal will deliver, so I tried an "end run" and picked the brain of his Aussie pal, Yvonne Strahovski. (Remember, her mom works with his dad back Down Under.) Alas, the Chuck beauty told me, "I haven't spoken to Alex in ages. I owe him a call. You know as much as I do!" O'Sigh. Officially, CBS has "nothing to report at this time."

Do you have any scoop as to when Medium will be coming back? — Lu
While NBC hasn't announced an official premiere date, January 2009 is a safe bet. One spoilery question: Why is little Bridgette drawing naked pictures in art class...?

Matt's Mega Rave: While plenty agog at Life on Mars' (apparent) time-travel premise, I am even more impressed by the trumpeting of Lisa Bonet, who, if you have not heard, is making her "return to television" as a recurring guest star on the ABC drama. "Matt, this is a rant," you say. No, I counter, it's a rave — about Ms. Bonet's apparently cunning agent, who I would have to imagine negotiated such hype.

Mickey's Mini Rant: Heroes' third season has sent me down a wormhole, what with all the time travel, shifting loyalties, deaths, resurrections and alternate futures. Who even knows — or cares — what's at stake for these angels and monsters?

Reader Quotes of the Week (Equally Partisan Sarah Palin-on-SNL Edition): "This woman has a future in this media-obsessed world. Love her or hate her, people can't get enough — and she will not be going away despite what happens on November 4th." (craizydaizy3) "When is the shotgun wedding? Maybe she can have that on SNL, too." (tuberose)

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