T.R. Knight and Katherine Heigl by Vivian Zink/ABC T.R. Knight and Katherine Heigl by Vivian Zink/ABC

In a comprehensive blog entry dissecting Thursday's season finale, Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes heads off viewer laments that happy endings were in short supply for the Seattle Gracers. First explaining that the season gone by was "about most of all... the idea [that] 'having it all' is a myth," Rhimes goes on to say, "I did my level best to burn it all down... to the ground so that we can have a place to build from next season. But next season... oh, next season is all about the fun and pain of new beginnings. The future is wide open."

Does said future find George ditching Callie for Izzie? [ Shudder] Rhimes is "glad" that fans "have very strong opinions" on the love triangle, and admits that putting Callie on the baby track perhaps only to save her marriage "goes against every feminist bone in my body." But, she notes, "it is also human to delude yourself into believing [otherwise]."

As for a Season 4 preview, Rhimes lets slip that where Derek is heading "is going to be interesting to watch," while McSteamy Mark (largely MIA from the finale) "starts fresh, without [spin-off-bound] Addison. He'll get to stand on his own" - or, more likely, lie supine in bed with someone hot.

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