Grey's Anatomystar Jessica Capshaw is expecting her fourth child. The actress, who plays Arizona Robbins on the hospital drama, announced she's pregnancy via an adorable Instagram photo with her family.

"The holidays have certainly arrived...All of our lives are being added to by the lights, music and the cheer!! This year our family has reason to further broaden our number four is on the way!! I am a lucky, lucky girl," she writes.

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Capshaw's announcement brings up some big questions about the future of her character Arizona, who suffered a miscarriage in Season 11 and has since divorced her wife Callie (Sara Ramirez).

The show is no stranger to writing a pregnancy into a character's story line. April Kepner's (Sarah Drew) heartbreaking baby story line last season was inspired by Drew being pregnant in real life. However, when Ellen Pompeo was pregnant in 2009, the show kept her growing waistline below camera view for the most part. To be honest, we'd kind of love it if they tried to hide the pregnancy like Kerry Washington's on that other Shonda Rhimes show using a multitude of lamps.

So the question remains, will Arizona continue her journey navigating the Seattle single lesbian scene or will she decide she really is ready for another child even if she and Callie aren't together?

That remains to be seen when Grey's Anatomy returns on Feb. 11 at 8/7c on ABC.