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Olivia Pope's gut is never wrong, but how can we be sure anymore when we can't even see it? Since Scandal opted not to write in Kerry Washington's pregnancy, Shonda Rhimes & Co. have come up with interesting ways to handle Bump Gate.

What the hell happened to Scandal?

Check out the most ridiculous ways we've seen so far. [Ed. Note: By popular demand, we've updated with more because Scandal just keeps on delivering.]

1. Olivia Pope loves lamp!

2. Objects in the foreground are closer than they appear. Oh, wait, they actually are.

3. Is that a mug? A lamp? Even Liv's unsure.

4. Ah, the Walk and Talk's awkward, purse-wielding cousin.

5. Kerry's new low center of gravity has apparently pulled her off the couch.

6. Blink and you'll miss the random blue line at the bottom of the screen.

7. Liv still loves lamp!

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8. "If I just hide behind this glass-paned door, no one will know I'm now eating popcorn for two."

9. I spy with my little eye ... a totally not pregnant woman. Nope. Not pregnant at all.

10. "Seriously, Jake. WTF is in front of me right now?"

11. Don't adjust your screen. This is actually happening.

12. Just take the lamp behind the middle school and get it pregnant if you love it so much. Oh, nevermind. You already are.

13. You're right, Olivia. It is hilarious that anyone thought this would work.

14. Fitz is the wind beneath Liv's wings, but Kerry's baby bump is literally beneath that eagle's wing.

15. Glad they finally found something useful for Harrison to do.

16. Who loves lamp more: Liv or Brick Tamland?

17. Gravity 2, starring Kerry Washington.

18. One man's chair is another's bump blocker.

19. At least she looks comfortable.

20. Nobody puts baby behind a monitor.

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