Is Mer in fact heading for a wedding? Is Mer in fact heading for a wedding?

A website celebrating the fast-approaching wedding between Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd drew 42,000 unique visitors and collected 1,400 comments on its "guest book" in its first 24 hours.

The idea for the site, hosted by real-life wedding hub and ostensibly managed by the show's Izzie character, came to Grey's creator Shonda Rhimes as the show filmed its April 23 episode, in which Izzie snapped photos of her gal-pal begrudgingly test-driving dresses.

Rhimes — whose sister happens to be a wedding planner — asked for something that would "feel like a real wedding Web site," she told the Associated Press. The site is managed by Izzie as she lies in bed battling cancer. On the home page she promises "the most magical, romantic, breath-taking wedding you've ever seen."

Other Seattle Gracers have signed the guest book, with Bailey cheering, "It's about the hell TIME," and Arizona somewhat clumsily soapboxing, "Now if only the government would legally recognize a marriage between two girls."

While the characters are fictional, the gift registry is very real: It beseeches fans to donate to any of three medical research causes pegged to Grey's storylines.

Now, when is the blessed event taking place? Though Mer-Der's site touts a May 14 wedding, a twist in this week's episode will move up the date, making the May 7 episode of Grey's the one to watch.

Though Rhimes says, "I've seen the wedding and it's quite beautiful," it's not certain that Meredith and Derek will actually tie the knot as planned.

"I've said this time and again — you may be surprised at the way we bring it off," teases Rhimes, "but at the end of the season, viewers will be very happy with where Meredith and Derek are."